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Where the others start with prices, we have stopped long ago, where the others stop with quality, we've just started...


  • Continuous operation on the whole territory of Serbia through advertising from Subotica to Vranje;
  • The expansion of business in the territory of Belgrade through the development of mechanisms for increased direct marketing;
  • The expansion of operations in the surrounding Serbian - speaking regions through advertisments in foreign media and web portals of the surrounding countries;
  • Improving quality of services while maintaning the same price level by increasing the number of employees and improving knowledge through seminars and professional courses as well as visit to trade fairs, forums and conferences in the field of computer programming providing bookkeeping services;
  • Enabling access of the program to all interested users at reasonable prices for post-sales maintenance through visibly emphazis characteristic of the program and through traditional and electronic channels of communication;
  • Creating a brand of its own program by getting a mark ® and ™;
  • Increased post-sales support to customers by increasing the number of contacts in the post-sales period and the organization of the internal and external training for all employees;
  • The application of the latest information technology in creating the program through constant innovation in information technology and software solutions to the global level;
  • Provide a climate for increasing the number of users through the development of marketing strategies and creating the internal marketing functions.


Satisfaction of the needs of business users by offering a unique and reliable program to conducting business at an affordable cost of implementation and maintenance of information systems.


Maintain operations throughout the territory of Serbia and expand business in the area of Belgrade with business development in all the surrounding regions with the Serbian-speaking area in the next five years.