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The company IN-FORMO D.O.O. with today's business of computer programming and providing bookkeeping services was established on 08.06.2005.The roots of today's company come from in 1986. the founders from Novi Sad, who created a software for economy and the software for the Radio-Television of Belgrade and Special Institute "Čigota". In early nineties selling software is mainly related to banks such as the Bank of Vojovodina, and the Bank of Novi Sad as well as the insurance companies.Then the company has five employees.As the coverage of the market is concerned, the company has operated mainly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, in cooperation with the economy: Special Institute "Čigota", "YU-LUCAS" (car components), "Pollino", GIK "1.MAJ", "Eko Grafo Duga" and "Color Press". Marketing strategy included the advertising in newspapers ("Halo" ads).Locations where we then operating were profit centers: Novi Sad (all software solutions in DOS), Lapovo, Belgrade and Ljubovija. In June 2000. because of the need to work in the Windows environment, the solution is done for the general ledger for the company "Feršped" (first implementation was caried out by Dejan Vujic and Radivoj Radulovic).In 2003. the company is mainly developed and created financial income based on maintenance of other companies and less by selling own program.In August 2003.year, Dejan Radulovic and Aleksandar Vujic began to develop the Windows applications for banks and insurance companies.At that time teh business is mostly connected with the insurance companies, "Imperial Insurance", "TOP GUN Insurance", "Auto Nena", "Millenium Insurance", "STANKOM Insurance", and "SIM Insurance". In 2004. it was installed the first Windows application in the agency "Radaković" (Belgrade), and then in the company "Kriška" (Bijeljina). At the time the company has cooperated with around 20 clients. After that, the business expanded to the pharmacy companies: health center "Vršac", home health "Dr Milorad Vlajković" (Barajevo) and Student's Clinic in Novi Sad. At the end of 2004. the special segment of the program for the caterer was developed. The program has been installed in restaurants: "Bali", "Šešir moj" (Skadarlija), "Naja" and "Dača". In 2005. business is mainly related to the economy: "Panjković academy", "Car center Marković", "Dukla trading" . In June 2005. the smaller organizational units have joined together and established IN-FORMO D.O.O. based in Ljubovija.The software in this period included segments for the financial operations, goods operations, the calculation of earnings, assets and treasury business. At that time there were three employees in the company. In the period from 2006. to 2010. the clients of the company were: "Vitro group". motel "Džep", "Nachos", "Podravka" (part for the customs operations), Sun Ultra, KDS (Novi Sad). In 2010. the company operates in Belgrade, Ljubovija and Lapovo. Today in Belgrade is team of company who working on computer programming and offering programs that can be used in bookkeeping and agency business operations in the field of economy, health and public utility.