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Where the others start with prices, we have stopped long ago, where the others stop with quality, we've just started...


IN-FORMO company began the development of verification of components designed for proper implementation of the RAPIDIO protocol in a microchip.This verification component is implemented in SystemVerilog the VMM Verification Methodology using Synopsys's VCS tool for simulating hardware.RAPIDIO protocol is used to connect microchips on the PCB.This protocol allows a large bandwith and high speed of data transfer, which contributes to its growing popularity among the standardized protocols of similar purposes.RAPIDIO technology was developed by several large companies such as Ericsson, Alacatel - Lucent, Texas Instruments and others that are associated in the RAPIDIO Trade Association (www.rapidio.org) in order to improve the protocol and encourage its use. RAPIDIO protocol is widely used in equipment for telecommunications, networking storage, etc...


Hardware division of IN-FORMO company, was created and developed from the need to merge the services we offer, so we obliged ourself that computer systems of our customers functions with high quality and safe.In our service rooms we prepare all the necessary diagnostic and computer training for future proper work.Also, we do the field preparation, as well as the implementation itself and setting up computer networks of all types and categories. We suggest, advise and give acceptable solutions, which in the agreed timeframe are implemented. Our primary activity is not trading computer equipment , but due to many years of business experience, we have good partnerships with major distributors of computer components , so we are able to provide our customers with the best high - performance computer systems.


In addition to computer engineering, the main activity of our compaany is to provide our customers with accounting services.IN-FORMO, led by top-level and experienced professionals in this field, successfully fulfillis its obligations, and provides its customers with highly professional cooperation and support. Is the proof of the quality of our services,is the number of satisfied customers, which is increasing all the time centered in Ljubovija we successfully cover a wide area of this region, which is spread on the territory of the Republic of Serbian. The plan is to establish the accounting center in Belgrade.